betina quest.

A proud Burundian of many cultures. 

A devoted artist of many layers. 

A woken twenty-something of many tales.


Having lived in five countries of four different

continents, life instilled a lasting excitement for (self-)

reflection mirrored in her character and music. It has made

her acknowledge the power and relevance of culture and

identity as a means of healing the individual and our


bq is a stunning collage of Soul, Hip Hop, Electro, Afro Folk and

Spoken Word. She is both beat-biased song and spheric sound,

conversational lyric and heartfelt vocal. The multi-instrumentalist

delivers an intriguing one-woman performance as she lets

viewers in on her creative process and personal story

as she reproduces her beats live with loop station, sampler and synth.

When joining forces with other instrumentalists the proximity

to her audience remains allowing the experience to be equally electrifying.

At present the artist is working on her first album length project

taking inspiration from living in Sub-Saharan Africa for the first

time. The homecoming is stirring up a lot of story, rhythm and

sound she is anticipating to soon share.


Be taken along on the quest to peace of mind.