betina quest.

A proud Burundian of many cultures. 

A devoted artist of many layers. 

A woken twenty-something of many tales.


Having lived in five countries of four different continents, 

life instilled a lasting excitement for (self-)reflection,

mirrored in her character and music. bq is Soul, Hip Hop, 

Electro, Afro Folk and Spoken Word. She is beat-biased song

blended with spheric sounds from her synthesizer, 

conversational lyrics and dynamic vocals.


Her beats are built the non-conventional way using body music, 

effects and a loop station which she

often recreates live for viewers to witness.


After five years of creation in college and a year of touring the world

singing for Cirque du Soleil, the artist believes it is

overdue to unleash. bq is new to most ears but feels familiar to most souls.


Be taken along on the quest to peace of mind.